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It’s early June and here is what is growing (and edible) in my Colorado garden.

Spinach (just getting from tender salad greens to cooking-quality leaves)

Chard (we just enjoyed our first batch)

Collard Greens (also just had a first batch a few days ago, looking forward to more!)

Radishes (finishing off the last of these)

Pea shoots, peas are on the way

Mesclun greens (assorted including arugula and others)

Speckled heirloom lettuce

Romaine lettuce

Red leaf lettuce

Herbs: chives, 2 kinds of basil, tarragon, 3 kinds of sage, oregano, thyme, 4 kinds of mint, flat-leaf parsley, sorrel. Yanked the last of the cilantro a few days ago.

The red onions are looking great but I’m going to be good and wait for the shoots to dry up and wilt…

On their way (i.e. fruit already visible, just a matter of patience): Currants, gooseberries, celery, peas, zucchini.

That’s it for now… the abundance of greens is certainly testing my culinary creativity, but boy does it feel good to eat them! I will miss them greatly when they are gone, though I have a late crop of Tuscan black kale seeds in the soil in hopes of a mid-summer plethora of dark green goodness. And the chard tends to last really well through the summer.

Happy gardening – and eating – it’s finally feeling a lot like summer!

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I just returned from a long weekend away for Christmas, and was faced with the customary refrigerator full of mysterious tupperware containers – *oops*, what was that again? when did I make it? In my case, a box of baby spinach, a container with some freshly cooked navy beans, a small tub of leftover brown rice, some carrots, tofu in various stages of freshness, and all the various cheeses that Tomas likes to buy and eat –  to which I had added some special samples that I acquired at Trader Joe’s over the weekend (a wedge of Spanish Manchego, a sheep’s milk Gouda, and a small package of local New Mexican pesto-flavored goat cheese).

And today, Tomas is sick with a cold. Suddenly, the stacks of cheeses and tins of Christmas cookies are out of the question. So are the rich leftovers from Christmas dinner (vanilla-bean whipped sweet potatoes, red cabbage and roasted pheasant). I opted instead for something clear, brothy and healing. Into the pot went a shredded carrot, several minced cloves of garlic, cubed tofu, the leftover rice and some miso for a nice hot miso soup.

But as lovely as miso soup is, it’s rarely a meal in itself. I needed a starter or something solid to munch on. So I turned to the beans. Got to use those somehow… they still smell ok, we know that won’t last much longer…

Here is the result, which was flavorful and healthy enough that it prompted this post. No exact quantities are listed because I didn’t use any measurements, but I’ll give my best guess.

White Bean and Spinach Saute (prep time: 5 minutes; cook time: 5 minutes)

1 cup cooked white beans (navy or cannelini)

two generous handfuls baby spinach

1 Tbsp olive oil

1 Tbsp (or less or more, to your taste) grated Parmesan cheese

splash lemon juice

Heat the olive oil in a small frying or saute pan. Add the white beans and stir to coat with oil. Add the spinach and turn frequently, mixing in with the beans as it begins to wilt. When spinach is mostly wilted, toss in parmesan cheese and a splash of lemon juice. Mix gently and serve immediately.

Since I’m trying to eat a serving per day of beans as well as leafy greens, this was a perfect supper for me; a perfect way to use up some oddball leftovers; and a perfect way to fix dinner in 10 minutes or less. Possible added side effects may be extra nutrients and energy for the sick one; a cleaner fridge; and a new recipe for the blog. You can hardly even call it a recipe, but that’s why I like it!

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