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Posting a recipe just for whipped cream seems a bit silly, but since it’s winter and there’s not much else to do, we’ve been making a lot of desserts around here, and that’s made me think about cream. The truth is that it’s a┬ávery long way from Cool Whip or even whipped cream from a can to the sinfully delicious heavy smoothness of real whipped cream… and if you add just a couple of nifty little extras, you can take the experience from sinful to otherworldly. Ok, darned close.

Want to add that little extra something to your dessert experience? Here’s how I make mine, and I learned this from an extremely gifted chef and mom who never cut any corners, even when she was tired, in the kitchen; eating her food was always a multi-sensory, highly sensual experience. I’ve still never had a home-baked New York style cheesecake anything like hers.

Susanna’s Whipped Cream

ready for the totally un-scientific quantities and instructions? here goes.

pour your cream into a large bowl. 1 pint, or less, doesn’t matter.

start whipping it. when it gets a little thicker, add just enough POWDERED sugar (emphasis on powdered – it won’t give your cream that grainy feel!) to make it sweet but not quite as sweet as the dessert you’ll be topping it with.

add a dollop of real (emphasis on real) vanilla extract. Just a little splash. If you’re making the full pint of cream, it can be a slightly more generous splash.

finish whipping the cream to your ideal consistency – nice, soft peaks…

just before serving, add in a few grinds of fresh (emphasis on fresh) nutmeg, whip it in briefly, then dish cream out into a large bowl for passing – or for the dessert bar.

This is really, truly… the very best.

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