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Not that I watch cable much, but I do watch it, and when I do I often end up on the Food Network. Why not HGTV, since I’m about as much a gardening nut as a cooking nut? Well, there’s no gardening on Home and Garden TV.

So it piqued my interest when I found out that there is an active campaign to press HGTV (by way of boycotting its major sponsors) to bring back some gardening shows. I’ve read about people’s discontent with HGTV before, probably on Garden Rant, but today is apparently the kick-off date of a major campaign. For more, see this HGTV Protest Campaign website.

Quoting Tina’s post directly:

“An estimated 40 to 45 billion – yes, that’s a “B” – is spent on gardening annually in the US. And this number is set to skyrocket this year with at least 7 million new households saying they’ll begin gardening in 2009, a 19 percent increase. Seed sales have shot up by at least 40 percent.
Why HGTV continues to ignore gardeners is beyond me. 40 billion bucks! Talk about a lost opportunity for them to market to the fastest growing demographic in the US.”

So if you want to see some more garden programming, and not just home makeovers, head on over there and check out the protest campaign – it’s going on TODAY.

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